I am Walter A. Martin Jr. Democratic Candidate for Congress 7th District. We will have to do more than just elect a person to office to change the direction the United States is headed. Divided government is not in our best interest.  The American people aren't in charge of the government, the political parties are. If Americans want a government focused on our needs we must force the political parties to reform. The American people don't have to accept the candidates in any of the races and have the power to change the balance of power in every race throughout the country by entering the people's candidates into numerous races. Write- in candidates are normally difficult but it would not be difficult for a large segment of the population to do. We have all gone to the general elections and wished we had a better choice because we didn't like either candidate because we really didn't like the field of candidates in the primary election either. Most of the time candidates come from within a party. Regardless of voter party affiliation we are all sick of the politics in Raleigh and DC and we could end the power struggle and some of the corruption in 2014 while returning the power to the people. We would have a little over five months to work together to find the candidates and to organize, it can be done.  If you follow this plan we will be better off in November regardless of the outcome of any of the elections.  This is not very difficult to do; we must shift the balance of power back to the people this is a first step. 

I have listed several things I believe we must do together during the election process to return the power of the government to the people. If the American People don't do these things our elected officials will continue to struggle for power while families suffer.  I care about our families more than getting elected to office. I have a long career in law enforcement and working in government. We must restore trust in our government and trust in our economic system. Citizens must believe they will be able to provide for themselves and their families. Please come to the table let's work together. Our Proposals: 1. Citizens will use this platform to spread messages and get information. 2. Demand right for Recall Elections for local and state officials through state representatives. 3. Demand vote in the General Elections to change the Constitution to allow Recall of Federal Officials. 4. Contact Federal Representatives and demand a vote on Immigration before the General Election. 5. Demand change in rules to keep U.S.House and Senate Chairs from blocking legislation through procedures indefinitely. 6. Demand a Balanced Budget Amendment to be placed on the ballot for a vote.  7. Demand an Amendment to abolish the Debt Ceiling either by a vote of the people or by officials. 8. change credit hours needed to obtain Associates, BA and Masters Degrees to make post education more affordable, offer more certificate courses. 9. Increase funding to Community Colleges to retrain workers to fill available jobs. 10. Develop 12 year plan linking education and business development together.   Please help us to reach others by making a contribution today to Walter A. Martin for Congress by mailing checks to P.O. Box 362 Princeton NC 27569.

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Walter A. Martin Jr.

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Walter Martin

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